The Bali Hope Ultra:

Lifting a community out of poverty with multi-award winning charity Bali Children Foundation.

Our collective fundraising target for our 2019 ultra-marathonis AU$200,000.

This represents funding more than 200 children through 6 years of primary school and would be a more than 100% increase on our achievement in 2018.  

It means the target for individual runners is AU$7,500 or just over US$5,000. 

These 200 children will be selected by our award winning charity partner : Bali Children Foundation and their delivery team in northern Bali from within the Pedawa community - one of the most disadvantaged in Bali where 400/1600 families live in extreme poverty.

Our running team and their partners will meet the community and the schools we are supporting on day 3 of our 7 day experience.

100% of all funds donated go directly to Australian registered charity Bali Children Foundation.

The Bali Hope Swimrun:

Protecting two small islands from plastic pollution

In 2018 our swimrun team raised just over AU$38,000 to help build a recycling infrastructure on the stunning tropical islands of Lembongan and Ceningan.

We supported a local community group: Friends of Lembongan, and their partner Bali Children Foundation to help finance the development of a recycling centre and to develop an environmental awareness programme in local schools. We look forward to supporting them again in 2019.