Bali Hope

Welcome to the Bali Hope Family

Purpose, connection, team work. Surrounded by positive people from around the planet, the feeling you will have at the end of a Bali Hope event is a feeling like no other. That’s why participants come back year after year - for the profound sense of connection, contribution and achievement.

Getting in great shape to complete an endurance challenge is one thing. Being part of a family of inspired, positive, kind people, as committed to your success as they are to their own, is something quite different.

Bali Hope events ask a lot from you: time, resources, dedication and self-sacrifice. And are designed to create an extraordinary journey that starts from when you commit, sign-up, and are introduced to your team mates.

It ends… well given how connected our Bali Hope teams have stayed since our first event in May 2018 we’re not sure it does end! Lifetime bonds are created and perspectives changed forever.

The difference you will make to your own life: your sense of possibility, contribution and connection will only be exceeded by the difference your fundraising will make to the communities we help transform: 100s of lives changed, the doors of opportunity opened for others, and your sense of what’s possible redefined.

All of our events provide the highest quality hospitality, accommodation and personalised support. We know the commitment you are making to join us and this is our commitment to you.


The 2019 Bali Hope Ultra Marathon

7 days from May 22-28. There are little more than 5 spaces left on one of the most unique ultra marathons in the world: an overnight coast-to-coast double marathon with over 1500m of elevation. A journey across Bali and through the very community our team is fundraising for.

Click here for full details and the registration form.

The 2019 Bali Hope Ultra is a fundraiser for our award-winning charity partner Bali Children Foundation and their work in the community of Pedawa in the north of the island where 400 of 1600 families live in extreme poverty.

A big part of the shared experience is our visit to and connection with this community and we ask team members to commit to a fundraising target of US$5,000. (We do not penalise anyone who falls short, instead just ask for your best effort and commitment.)

“The Bali Hope Ultra was a once in a lifetime opportunity! It changed my life in ways I would have never imagined. It was so much more than a run. If I had to pick several words to describe this event: family, love, opportunities, challenge, and happiness.”

Vanessa Niemeyer, 2018 Bali Hope Ultra  


It is in those rare moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Those moments when you commit to something new and a new world of possbility opens up.


““The Bali Hope Swimrun is so much more than a race. It’s a 5-day event to bring together a group of strangers and bond over a single mission: to help a community save their island from plastic pollution. Each of us was moved and forever changed in our own way, and connected thanks to the amazing experience we shared”

Lezlea Talbot, 2018 Bali Hope Swimrun Team