How to fundraise successfully

Bali Hope team members have now raised over $250,000 since we started this project in 2017.

We are developing some great expertise in how to successfully fundraise and make change happen for the communities we support.

There are many ways to fundraise and of course some team members have advantages in terms of their background and the networks they have access to but we know that by taking the steps outlined below you have a great chance to meet and exceed yourt target.

This interview with Bali Hope ‘original’ Kyron Gosse outlines his approach to fundraising that successfully raised over US$10,000 in 2018.

Listen here:


Step 1

Make the first donation on your page

(Please create your page on the platform here)

Step 2

Share what you are doing on social media and the personal reasons of why you have joined. This can include the impact you will make and any deeper personal motivations. Make sure you use your EveryDayHero link. You can include this as link in you Instagram bio.


Step 3


Step 4


Step 5

Establish your fundraising target and break it down: raising US$5000 would require 100 donations of US$50.

Make a list of your most likely donors from friends, family and work colleagues.

From this list chose a top 20 and understand how much might be possible from these individuals. Often team members top 20% of donors will give over 50% of your fundraising target.

After raising awareness on social media, send personal emails to your list of potential donors. Do not send mass emails, instead make sure you personalise the requests.

Make sure you communicate how much impact a specific donation will make. For example that US$200 funds an entire year of primary school.

Make sure you thank you donors personally and share your fundraising (and training) progress on social media. As momentum builds and your network see’s your commitment you will start to donations come in.

Often friends want to donate but need a few reminders and will donate when they get down to it, so don’t take it personally if donations come in late.

From experience we find donations often come in during the days around the event.