About Bali Hope


How we started:

The Bali Hope journey started when our founder Tom decided he needed a greater sense of purpose and contribution. Hearing about a stranger who had broken his neck, he decided to run 30km from Ubud to Canggu on May 27 2017 to raise money for this man’s medical bills.

Eleven weeks after that on August 21st 2017 Tom attempted to run 84km overnight across Bali raising $10,000 for an award winning children’s charity on the island. The Bali Hope Ultra was born and in May 2018 he enrolled Samantha Gash and a team from 6 countries to take on the same challenge. Together they raised S81,000.

In December 2018 Tom organised the Bali Hope Swimrun, the first in Southeast Asia, as a fundraiser to support a plastics recycling infrastructure on the island of Lembongan. The Otillo Swimrun world champion and leading Indonesian Ironman competitors lead a team of 20 to raise nearly $40,000.

Bali Hope is in essence a community of positive, generous people coming together to connect, support one another, push personal limits and help to transform the lives of others.

We are always looking to connect with inspired people, forward thinking organisations and communities we can help.

The next chapters in this story may be written by people like you.

Feel free to connect to Tom directly on tomh@bali-hope.com.

The causes we support:

The Bali Hope Ultra: Lifting a community out of poverty with multi-award winning charity Bali Children Foundation.

Our collective fundraising target for our ultra-marathon 2019 is AU$200,000. This represents funding more than 200 children through 6 years of primary school and would be a more than 100% increase on our achievement in 2018.  It means the target for individual runners is AU$7,500 which represents just over US$5,500. 

These 200 children will be selected by Bali Children Foundation and their delivery team in northern Bali from within the Pedawa community - one of the most disadvantaged in Bali and one where 400/1600 families live in extreme poverty. Our running team and their partners will meet the community and the schools we are supporting on day 3 of our 7 day experience.

100% of all funds donated go directly to multi-award winning Australian registered charity Bali Children Foundation.

The Bali Hope Swimrun: protecting two small islands from plastic pollution

In 2018 our swimrun team raised just over AU$38,000 to help build a recycling infrastructure on the stunning tropical islands of Lembongan and Ceningan. We supported a local community group: Friends of Lembongan, and their partner Bali Children Foundation to help finance the development of a recycling centre and to develop an environmental awareness programme in local schools. We look forward to supporting them again in 2019.